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December 20, 2012


Douglas Nicholas

Dear Ann Druyan
It must have been an amazing life with Carl. He has enriched, all that have had the pleasure of ever had even the faintest knowledge of him. It has been 16 years now.But, his memory will last as long as mankind exist.
He, certainly left a never ending appreciationIinme.
I'm not an educated person, in such I only finished a couple years in college. But, I have been working on designing a Power Plant for 36 yrs now. Im also developing an electric truck. But, I am always getting blasted by ney sayers who insist that it is irrelevant to our society. Or, others who insist it cant or shouldn't happen. Somehow, if you could contact me. I'd love to explain these ideas to you. As well as many other ideas.
My name is D. A . Nicholas. I want to share these things with you. In honor of Carl and his legacy. Also, for the common good. You can contact me at the email below. Thank you, and may everything you do be as fruitful as Carls.

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