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December 20, 2012



Thank you, Ann. Welcome back, and I look forward to the new series. Like so many, I miss Dr. Sagan's contribution to the issues of the day, miss the anticipation of his latest book, and simply learning from his wisdom. I earned a degree in astronomy partly because of his influence.


I can't believe it has been sixteen years. Carl Sagan had a tremendous influence on me growing up - to appreciate science and exploration, and to reject superstition. I can't wait to share the new COSMOS with my children.


Thanks for this. Dr. Sagan is one of my heroes. I still have the kind note he sent to me when I was in college (a *long* time ago) after I had written to him to tell him how much I had enjoyed "Dragons of Eden". His work really opened my eyes to this incredible "pale blue dot" and the universe of which we are such a small part.


Ann, so many look forward to your new series. What a gift to those who knew or remember Carl and to those who weren't lucky to be in the same space/time continuum.


Thank you Anne, I look backwards and realize, very few days ever go by without hearing of a quote by Carl in some shape or form ... Forever in our memories.


I went back to school for science (biology) because of Carl. Science is such an amazing, illuminating way to look at the world, and gives me joy each day, and whenever I'm feeling like it's too difficult, I turn to Carl to remind me how apple pies are made. I can not wait for COSMOS! Thank you for all you do, Ann!


Ann, simply thank you for all you do.
Sixteen years missing to Carl, his wisdom and passion for science.

Gabriel Fernandez

Hoy he vuelto a ver aquel episodio en que Carl nos mostraba la exploracion de Marte. Esta vez me acompañaba mi hija de 2 años. Creo que algún dia, ella tambien se sentira inspirada por él, de la misma manera que me inspiró a mí cuando tenía 14 años.
Gracias Ann y gracias Carl.


Ann, I was talking about Carl and his great work in the field of science to my wife tonight and then we watched an episode together (at 1 AM!) and after it finished, we were talking about some of the ideas presented. Me being sleepless, jumped behind my computer and visited this site, little did I know almost five days ago you updated this blog with this great news about the updated Cosmos series coming out in 2014. This a great news to me. I want to thank you for all the good work you do. We will be looking forward to see the outcome. Thanks for keeping the legacy of Dr. Sagan alive.

Fernando (Brasil)

Após 4 anos é muito bom poder ler um novo texto neste blog. É uma forma de estar conectado à Carl. Melhor ainda é saber que uma nova série de Cosmos está sendo preparada. Obrigado Ann. Não deixe de escrever.

Fabio E. R. Campolim

Dear Ann,

We are the descendants of Carl Sagan in our minds and spirits. He was such a brilliant communicator and visionary, he helped me shape my career, my wife's career and about five dozen careers of our friends, scientists and educators in labs, universities, schools and simple homes here in Brazil and abroad. His words and voice echoes in our minds since our infancy and will never abandon us until the day we die. Your hope message will be passed on to our next generations. I'm most proud to present Cosmos to my 5-year old son Leonardo. In a tribute to you and in memoriam to Carl, I wrote this very short science fiction tale, which I humbly hope may cheer up our hearts in the most intricate task that is the pursuit of an adult species, the most important task of our lives, the lifetime task Carl set us all to endure.

If it pleases you, please go to smashwords.com and read it (for free), because many of the ideas in there were sprout into our minds by Carl. I'll be most sincerely honored if you do.


And may you live long and prosperous, and may we all honor Carl's great legacy in our future work.

Paul Bardis

Dear Ann,
Something compelled me to watch an episode of Cosmos this evening and then that had me want to add Carl to my FB likes, which in turn brought me here. Reading your message now brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. I feel the love you share with him and I feel the optimism you both send out to the world...and I have received it. "We're all just walking each other home" Ram Dass Yes, I believe so. :)
Many blessings your way.


I think that Carl Sagan's book The Demon Haunted World, Science As A Candle In The Dark, is the book that really got me to think skeptically. Thanks to Carl Sagan, I now have the ability to see which arguments are irrational and which are only arguments from authority.

David Fornari

Thank you, Mrs. Druyan. The work by yourself and Mr. Sagan has been inspiring and motivational-- I can't express my gratitude properly here nor can I even imagine the amount of other lives you two have helped change for the better. A real legend in the history of human learning.

Tom Blatti

Carl's spirit and wisdom has followed me all my life since I've seen him on TV in Switzerland as a young teenager...and I always find back to him. I'm looking forward (while currently watching the original series on DVD) to the new series and love to share it with my wife and lovely young daughter.

Adam Ibrahim Muhammad

Dear Ann,
I was so excited that i posted my comment on the wrong post. Nevertheless, just to wish you the best and reiterate my looking forward to the COSMOS series of 2014 for me and my children.

Ravis Brown

Dear Mrs. Druyan,

Thanks for all you do! The Cosmos series has changed my life in so many ways. I literally watch at least one of the episodes on a daily basis. I can't stop scrutinizing them. I have even used your series to vastly broaden my vocabulary. Because of your series I have become sort of a lexicographer. I have defined every single interesting term that Dr. Carl said so I could fully discern the vista of the program. I also own music recording equipment so I was able to read and record the definitions of over 800 words to study. I study these tracks every day too. Please forgive my impudent fanaticism. You, Mr. Carl, and Mr. Soter are the greatest writers ever!

I'm looking forward to the new 2014 series. By the way, I love Neil deGrasse Tyson too. One of my biggest dreams is to work for you guys some day. Thanks for teaching me so much! Ok, back to episode 7, The Backbone of the Night and the Pythagoreans.

Sarah Kolb-Williams

Ann, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I wish you well and look forward to Cosmos.


Ann, simply thank you for all you do.
Sixteen years missing to Carl, his wisdom and passion for science.

Jim Stringer

I always had a vivid sense of wonder, especially as a child. When Cosmos was first aired on British tv,it was like a breath of fresh air, nothing like this had ever been seen on tv before, in fact there are few series since that come anywhere close to Cosmos's complexity and depth. Carl Sagan, opened my eyes and already broadening sense of wonder and imagination with his amazing ability to describe intricate and complex details and facts of the universe in such a way to make science easy to understand for all. Ive read the book countless times and watch the series on dvd at least twice a year, there's always something Ive missed from previous viewings. In 1996, the world lost a true son of the Cosmos. My regards to Ann Druyan. JIM!!!

Joy the writer's blog

Hey! I can see the fact that you really understand what you are speaking about over here. Do you have a special education that is related with the subject of your blog post? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

Ricardo Zanin Ferencz

Olá, sou Ricardo, do Brasil. E estou conhecendo agora as series Cosmos e conhecendo o Carl Sagan, nosso com meu 30 anos de idade hoje, me senti um ser pequeno em só mente agora conhece-lo e o conheci por causa desta tirinha http://www.umsabadoqualquer.com/homenagem-carl-sagan/

E que agora estou acompanhando pelo YouTube, eu não sei inglês, mas tem a serie Cosmo Dublado com minha linga, neste momento estou no episodio 7 A Espinha Dorsal da Noite, e estou maravilhosamente fascinado, e vi no final do vídeo que tinha este site que estou acessando agora. E usando o Google Tradutor para entende. Em praticamente em lagrimas digo que maravilha que estão fazendo uma continuação. Agradeço muita a você Ann e o mundo agradece.

----- (translated by google) ---

Hello, I'm Ricardo, Brazil. And I know now and knowing the series Cosmos Carl Sagan, with our 30 years of my age today, I felt a little be in one mind now knows it and knew because of this comic http://www.umsabadoqualquer.com/homenagem-carl-sagan/

And now that I'm watching on YouTube, I do not know English, but the series has Cosmo Voiced with my sling, right now I'm on episode 7 The Backbone of the Night, and am wonderfully fascinated, and saw the end of the video that had this site I'm accessing now. And using Google Translator to understand. In practically in tears say how wonderful they are doing a sequel. Thanks a lot to you and the world thanks Ann.

Jim Stringer

Dear Ann.
Thought I would add a comment to my last message on 30/01/13.
I can't wait to see the new series of Cosmos, although being here in England, it may be some time before its aired over here. Im sure you're familiar with Professor Brian Cox, an English physicist we are all very proud of over here.
During his series Wonders of the Solar system, he makes it quite clear, a major influence on him becoming a physicist was Carl Sagan. He even produces the very used book, right there on tv for all to see. A great compliment for a great man.
Waiting in anticipation. JIM!!!

Ricardo Zanin Ferencz

Boa Noite, Sou Ricardo(ricardo.ferencz@gmail.com) de Campo Grande-MS-Brasil, e este é o meu segundo comentário.
Acabei de ver o Cosmos 8 (Viagens no Espaço e no Tempo) e no final com o Upgrade fiquei impressionado, e eu não sabia que eu já era Fan de vocês, em 1999 meu professor de Química passou na Sala de vídeo o filme “Contato” que adorei profundamente a sua lógica proposta um filme de ficção e achei muito passível para uma realidade futura , e não sabia até então este momento ao ver o final do Cosmo 8 que era baseado ao livro de Carl Sagan com o mesmo titulo.
Espero ansioso que o projeto Cosmo 14 saia, e faço um pedido se possível a possibilidade de que realizem Upgrade nos outros Cosmos se existir, e não falo em refazê-los e sim adicionar no final de cada um quando tiver uma atualização uma informações novas sobre o tópico de cada Cosmos, e digo em não substituir os Upgrade de 10 anos que tem alguns que vi, e sim adicionar novos Upgrade quando existir, Upgrade 1,2,3... eu adoraria que a serie Cosmos recebesse um Upgrade a cada 5 a 10 anos quando existir para cada tópico, pois vejo que esta serie é um relíquia par a humanidade. Acredito que o Cosmo 14 é mais um novo tópico que vai nos surpreender grande mente e enriquecer nossas mentes.
Preço desculpa se talvez eu não fui bem entendido em meu comentário, pois sou uma pessoa humilde e não tenho o refinado dom da palavra e expressão como de vocês.

Abraço e felicidades para todos.

----- (translated by google) ---

Good Evening, I am Ricardo(ricardo.ferencz@gmail.com) Campo Grande-MS-Brazil, and this is my second comment.
I just saw the Cosmos 8 (Travels in Space and Time) and at the end I was impressed with the upgrade, and I did not know I was already fan of you in 1999 my chemistry teacher came in the room video movie "Contact "I loved her deeply logic proposed a fiction film and found it very susceptible to a future reality, and then did not know until this moment to watch the end of the Cosmo 8 which was based on the book by Carl Sagan with the same title.
I look forward to the project Cosmo exit 14 and make a request if possible the possibility of carrying out the other Cosmos Upgrade if any, and do not talk to rework them but add at the end of each one when you have an update on new information the topic of each Cosmos, and say not to replace the Upgrade 10 years that has seen some that, but when there add new Upgrade, Upgrade 1,2,3 ... I love that series Cosmos received an upgrade every 5 to 10 years when exist for each topic because I see that this series is a relic pair humanity. I think the Cosmo 14 is another new topic that will surprise us great mind and enrich our minds.
Price excuse if maybe I was not well understood in my review, because I am a humble person and do not have the refined grace of speech and expression as you.

Hug and happiness for everyone.

Ricardo Zanin Ferencz

Quando pesquisei no Wikipédia sobre o filme Contato, foi ver também sobre o SETI, e lia matéria interessante pode ser falso ou não, sobre a suposta resposta da mensagem enviado em 1974, e pesquisei mais na Google e achei este blog explicando com melhor detalhe http://dnabinario10.blogspot.com.br/2012/11/a-suposta-resposta-mensagem-de-arecibo.html
Sei que pode ser tudo falso, só achei interessante. Abraço.

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