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December 19, 2008



Always ahead of his time as a scientist and as a human being - then & now.

Such an immense honor to share fellowships with Einstein (Physics of the Cosmos) and Hubble (Cosmic Origins).

"Exoplanet exploration" is a search that will go on . . . . for as long as there are explorers.

"We were wanderers from the beginning . . . and we humans have almost always been wanderers."

Carl Sagan - one human life that has taught so many and a legacy that continues to lead the way.

Thank you Carl Sagan. You and your lessons are always remembered.


Carl Sagan has inspired me greatly to what I love doing now, Astronomy. He was always studying the stars, and I will continue to do that for the rest of my life.

~Thank You, Carl Sagan


In my constant arguments with C Hitchens and R Dawkins I keep reminding them of Carl Sagan. Carl could disassemble baseless beliefs gently, with a smile and not a bit of bitterness. He uncovered awe inspiring universe and humanism for a whole generation. How we miss that voice now!


I too, feel more hopeful than I have in a long time!

We sure could have used Carl's knowledge and skills these last 12 years though.

Thanks for helping to keep Carl's memory alive!

Andy Fleming

Over the past few years, Carl's wonderful legacy of TV programmes and books has re-ignited my interest in science, and especially astronomy. More than that they have changed my whole outlook on life, and I think that I am a much better person for it. As Carl said, astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. I now have a healthy scepticism about what a plethora of "authorities" tell me.

Since watching Cosmos, myself and my son have gained a fascinating new hobby, and made many new friends - we are now keen amateur astronomers! We are members of our local astronomy group and planetarium volunteers, and we have contributed many articles to our monthly journal. I am also a member of the Planetary Society, co-founded, of course, by Carl.

I thank Carl, the epitomy of the human mind at its very best, for giving us the Cosmos. I'm proud that thanks to his inspiration I'm scientifically literate once again. And I'm proud too that I inspire my son to enjoy and learn science, and participate in astronomy, in addition to his other interests.

Carl will NEVER ever be forgotten. He always was a voice of gentle caring reason and rationality, never ever agressive, condescending of the views of others, or pious, preaching or domineering. We keep wondering what he would have made of subjects as far apart as exo-planets, the Mars rovers, the so-called "War on Terror", and the economic credit crunch. Like so many on this blog, we miss him awefully Annie. Your loss must at times be unbearable, but we are warmed by the fact that we can share our feelings here, and also take heart from listening to your interviews on programmes such as Planetary Radio and CFI Point of Inquiry.

Totally by chance, I've heard Carl being mentioned on BBC Radio 4 this evening. Is there any chance of Cosmos being aired again on TV in the UK please? As far as I know it was only ever shown once on BBC TV in 1981 (and I missed it, although I now have it on DVD!!!). It has not been on the Discovery Science channel here. I just think a whole new generation would benefit, as we have done.

Kind Regards
Andy + David Fleming
Co Durham, UK


I have a new favorite author. Coincidentally, i just finished watching and reading "cosmos" this morning. I'm now into "Pale Blue Dot"

C.A. Chicoine

Ann Druyan,

I cannot imagine a world without Carl Sagan's contributions. I am proud to say that I watched "Cosmos" when it was first aired in 1980. "Cosmos" expanded my universe beyond measure. Besides launching my interest in astronomy, Carl Sagan ignited my interest in ALL the sciences, and history. I remember feeling the rush of excitement, unlike I have ever felt since, whilst watching the "Cosmos" series.

The "Music of Cosmos" had a significant impact on my life as well. Not only did it broaden and influence my taste in music, but also led to further interests.

Although Carl Sagan is missed, his work, influence, and inspiration will continue to thrive throughout the cosmos.

Remembering Carl Sagan,

~ Craig


Please Ann,
Tell me which governmnet doesn't respect "our" laws. You are typical of a academic with no real world experience of any kind. It must be pleasant to live above the common folk that put food on your table. Get out in the real world and please don't think that Obamessiah is going to be the saviour of science.


Obama might not be the proverbial "messiah" regarding science, but it really is a refreshing and welcomed change for the deluded agenda of the republican party.

But please, I don't think we are here for flaming a party or a person. Despite the fact that separation of church and state is supposedly embeded in the constitution, same constitution that some republicans wanted even to change to resemble more a especific branch of ideology. Of course, that can't be proof that a government doesn't respect the laws. Right?

Frank R


I can only speak for the enormity of the natural world Carl opened up for me. He was the lens that focused my curiosity to a laser-sharp point and taught me the value of critical thinking and rock-solid evidence to live by. I can only imagine how astronomically proud you must be of Carl's immesurable accomplishments and all the love you shared with him. But most of all, you should be proud of yourself, because I don't think Carl would have attained such greatness without you.

I like to imagine a world where Carl just celebrated his 74th birthday and he was a guest star on Stargate Atlantis, and he worked with Lucasfilm to re-make Cosmos, without letting George Lucas mess it all up :-)

I miss him so.



Well, that's an idea worth thinking about. The remake of Cosmos by Lucas and ILM would attain a much more appeal to so much people, I'm sure about it. But alas, so many people will see it just for the special effects I'm affraid. However, when the message is clear and portrayed in such a meaningful and passionate way, it could touch at the end so much more young people, who are growing to adulthood in a very positive way. I, for one, think this would be a magnificent idea!

Nicolas Duronea

Dear Ann

This a great opportunity for me to shear my thoughts with you and many people who were 'touched' by Carl's teachings. Since the very first moment I read his words I knew I will dedicate my life to science; today I am a radioastronomer who keep watching the stars and feeling the humility and insignificance that feel a sailor before going into an endless ocean.
Carl has left us twelve years ago, but his lessons will continue with me the rest of my life.

Nicolás Duronea
I.A.R (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía)


Nicolas Duronea

Please forgive my rustic english. What I wanted to say is: 'share' my thoughts

Dean G.

Dear Ann Druyan,

I received the Cosmos DVD's for Christmas, and they are by far my favorites. The update on comets on Video 3 only confirms my deep belief. I can now recognize the metaphor of the Genesis account of creation 1:1 to 2:5. To me, The comet represents the male (Adam)reproduction organisms, the earth represents the (Eve) female seed. The comet infused with life giving power enters the nurturing earth, and the forms of life that we see on earth are born, reborn, and evolve. Watching the series only confirms what is in my heart about the Divine.

Watching the series shows me that science is not a challenge to the Divine, but a confirmation.

The creation legend in the first chapter of Genesis up to the second chapter to verse five was written by a different author than the verses following after 2:5. The first creation account is a little different than the second...not literal...in metaphor.

The Cosmos series gives me a grand catharsis of nature. Some may feel that Science disputes faith, however the information contained in Cosmos confirms my faith. Thank you!


Carl Sagan has influenced my life in more ways than i could describe in words. The wonders of the universe he showed in Cosmos and his insights forever changed my way of looking at things. "Always look behind the reasoning, always question arguments, always remain aware of other possibilities,...", the list is simply too long to write it down here.


If some day I lifted my head and I looked at the immensity of the skies, it was due to Carl Sagan. My life was never again the same. That in the decade of 80, today to the 36 years of age, your teachings still elevate me until the profundities of the space and, the more leaning, more I am sure that we are just stellar dust. I feel orphan in a world without Carl Sagan.

Jorge Hernández Luna

Dear Ann Druyan,

I´ve just recently seen Cosmos series although I started to read Carl´s books since I was a child. And I think I feeled just as if I was discovering the Universe for the very first time.
It´s the passion in his words when he talked about science which always impacts me.
I chose to dedicate my life to science (mostly Astronomy) because of him. And I will always be eternally grateful to him for that.
I think his wisest words were "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love"
Great human being.


I am just so happy to have shared a planet with that great man.


Dear Ann,

I'm happy reading these comments, because I see how deep has Carl reached people's minds and hearts. This is what most impresses me about the figure of Carl Sagan. I'm probably today an astronomer because of him too...

He "convinced" us with the only use of reasoning, a dosis of healthy scepticism and the magic stimulation of our curiosity on the universe. Strange tools, unfortunately not very common nowadays in the world.

I'm grateful to him for that, and to you for keeping his flame alive. Thanks.

Matt, NY

Dear Ann,

I remember watching Cosmos when I was only 4 or 5 with my parents, when I hardly understood who I was, let alone what the universe around me could be. His ideas and thoughts were, and still are, a constant topic of discussion in my home.

I am now thirty, and have a family of my own. Whenever I feel as if everything is just too big for me to handle, I think about how my problems seem so small and insignificant compared to the universe around me. I plan on sharing my love of the stars, and my love of discovery with my daughter as she grows older.

I truly wish I could have met him to thank him, since his ideas and teachings have affected me so much in my lifetime.

Thank you for keeping his vision and dreams alive, and for helping all of us feel as if he is still here, smiling and showing us the way.

Frantisek Jilek


Sorry for using blog for sending you a message but I found no other way.
I'm just watching Cosmos II. Harmony of Worlds. With all respect to you and science the begining is horrible. I have not heard so much nonsenses and ignorance in such short time. I'm far from backing astrology but you are far from to know grain of sand about it. You say everything works by law in cosmos but think your life does not? Let le laught a lot. Just your poor knowledge about principles and sence of cosmos. Something that does not fit to you at least for me. Just can not understand how you could present this as truth and feed it to masses. Still wondering what could happen to you.
Best wishes and sorry my English. ;-)

Frantisek Jilek

I forgot.... Thanks god I bought iit in cheap books for $1. No pain. :-)

Todd Dobesh

"Skeptic" (did you mean sceptic?)and other Cosmos of our flock. Let's not forget we no longer have 1 choice( to gaze up in wonder) tears of what could be in our eyes. I now always can look in Carl's eyes a lump in my throat when once again the theme song fades in and he will revisits the visionaries off stage. PRICELESS.

Todd Dobesh

Dean G Please remember that like 2008 Cosmos is a metaphor for rediscovery. But also know that (in my view) no Book written by God is capable of preparing you for the splendor he finds in your future together. I'm sure he is tearing his heart out right now to hear the words that are in you.

Todd Dobesh

Frantisek Jilek imagine your gracious hosts honor to spark a debate for the diatribe of parlor tricks (smoke and mirrors 1 each).
I see you got your full satisfaction from the Book. If you paid a dollar ( help me here I'm not a businessman) isn't Obamanomics to pass as many $1.00's from one hand to another.

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