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December 19, 2006


Alejandro - Buenos Aires

Ann : This is a proved experiment which shows that Carl´s presence is real . Around the Milky Way and inside our atoms. Everywhere and Everytime , like Cosmos.


Good Lord, woman! Do you think you've struck a chord here? LOL! I think this is your time!

Since Cosmic Log's 'Gospels of Science', 'Salute's Carl Sagan' and now this site, which I found about 2 weeks ago the chord has been struck within me as well. I'm an M.E. who owns a Meade 12" SCT (i.e. a very large telescope). I am who I am in no small part b/c of your late husband. This observance of his passing has brought me closer to my roots.

It appears am I not alone in wishing he was still around. Though, something I'm realizing, in many ways he still is 'around'.

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Carlos Medina Alban

Recuerdo cuando tenia casi 8 años y por primera vez vi COSMOS, ahora que tengo 27 he vuelto a ver cada uno de los dvds y me he sentido como viajando en una maquina del tiempo. Gracias Carl, tu has sido la influencia mas grande en terminos cientificos que he experimentado. Tu serie me marco profundamente en mi niñez siempre quise ser astronomo pero lamentablemente en donde vivo (Peru - LatinAmerica) no hay mucho interes por la astronomia aun.
Tal vez no sere astronomo nunca pero podre de mi parte para que tu obra perdure en mis futuros hijos y asi ser parte de la "Persistencia de la Memoria". Tu has trascendido y ahora has vuelto a donde anhelabas. Algun dia nos veremos entre el polvo de las estrellas Profesor Sagan...
Saludos desde Lima - Peru

Charles Boyd

I was watching the news one day and they were talking about cutting out research and science projects during the Reagan administration. Just after I saw that I made a comment to my dad, I said dad they ought to put dear Carl Sagan on the the news and let him give them a piece of his mind about it. Well guess what the news did just that, the next thing that happened was they put Carl on the News talking about what a mistake that would be. Now today I was looking and saw that they are talking about shutting down the Areceibo radar and research. I think it is happening again! Maybe they need to do a rebroadcast of that news report with Carl. Annie if you ever come to Alabama as a lecturer I sure would like to know about it! Or anywhere close! I feel kind of alone not only because Carl is gone but because I felt really connected to what he had to say about just everything. I too cried when I heard the news. It really hurt. Carl was just so so interesting to listen to and learn from! Take Care, Love Charlie

Michael Owen

I can't possibly express the influence that Carl Sagan has had on my life and how I live it. I always made and make it a point to read everything I can that he wrote. Cosmos was (and still is) exhillerating to watch.

I look at the world today and wonder why there hasn't been another scientist that has taken the challenge to try to fill the void we were left with when Dr. Sagan died. Humanity seems more lost than it ever has today. Carl could present powerful arguments to most any problem with precise and passionate answers that all could comprehend with ease. Communication was just one of his many gifts sorely missed in today's world.

As I open my eyes to the cold, hard realities of the world today I close my eyes and imagine the world we are truly capable of having. Carl Sagan's influence on my life gave me that optimism. And I will pass that on to my son in hoping that maybe he'll get to live in the world we're capable of.

Thank you, Carl. And thank you Ann for keeping his legacy alive. Long live Carl Sagan!

Efrain Maciel e Silva

Os dez anos que se passaram nós vivenciamos a mais rápida revolução tecnológica de nossa espécie, que é a dos computadores e da internet, estas tecnologias aproximaram milhões de pessoas e possibilitaram centenas de descobertas científicas maravilhosas, o homem parece estar no ápice do seu conhecimento e isso tudo traria grandes alegrias a Sagan.

Infelizmente neste mesmo tempo continuamos a atacar e destruir “nosso” planeta como nunca, esgotando cada vez mais as fontes de recursos naturais, destruindo o meio ambiente, a fauna e a flora deste planeta. É vergonhoso que ainda somos uma civilização irresponsável e que cada vez mais seja destruído o único lar que temos.

Há dez perdemos talvez a pessoa que mais amou “nosso” planeta e todas as espécies de vida que nele habitam, mas, felizmente seu legado influenciou milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo e sem dúvidas continuará influenciando por séculos.

Prof. Efrain Maciel e Silva
Brasília - Brasil


I never knew the man, as I was only a young teenager when he passed. I just wanted to say that he's still giving everyone the cosmos, as he was the one that gave it to me.


Roberto Santos García

Ever since I was a child, Carl Sagan impressed my mind with the glorious truth. Our real situation as species, our part of this infinite universe. His legacy permeated through my "self" and has ever been part of my daily life. Cosmos has proven to be far more astonishing that any other science fiction movie. Reality surpasses way beyond Science Fiction. Thank you Ann for sharing such beautiful memories with us, Carl Sagan lives on, no doubt of it.
Monterrey, NL. MEXICO

Mary Miner

Is the 2-CD "The music of COSMOS" still available anywhere? I'd like to buy it.

Rebecca Zúñiga


It was only until recently that I discovered the Cosmos series. Carl Sagan gave me what I was looking for since I was born, the light of the Universe that is within us.
I regret so much that this wasn’t available for me when I was even younger; I think I would have pursued a scientific career. Well, even though I know is never too late, I am 27 now, he inspired me enormously. My goal is to reach as many people as I possibly can, and share Carl’s wonderful and important message.
I wish I was a poet to find the words to describe how I feel, and I regret his dead so much, there should be more Carl Sagans in the world and he should have never died, but one thing I’m sure of, his light will never go out. Thank you both.
Hugs from Costa Rica.

Mario Rugeles

I was a believer, involved in beliefs driven by fear and uncertainty, i've walked alone a long way to reach a better view in the world i live in. One of the lights that show me the way, was the lessons from Dr Sagan, for me, the skeptic view of the world, the rational thought, mixed with a new appreciation of arts, had help me to see the world "as is" with truly respect and admiration. Dr Sagan will be always remembered.


Wow, what can I say that hasn't already been said. Carl Sagan is one of those people who will be immortalized in the histories of humankind, among the likes of Aristotle and Galileo. But it is a story like this one that encapsulates him as a real, caring, loving person which is also a testament to his greatness. And it is this, the combination of his heart and mind, which I think sets him apart and lifts him up from all other scientists. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Louis Kelly

In a world where so many want us to stay in the cramped world of crippling myths, Carl Sagan wanted to set the world free. Thank you, thank you.


Thanks to Carl Sagan to introduce me in the appassionate world of the astronomy with his fantastic book COSMOS ;)


Rob Jackson


Thank you for your continued expression on behalf of Carl, and your dedication to what he loved so much - what you loved together. I get it, Ann. I get it...

Rob J

Reinaldo Vega

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for sharing some of your more personal experiences with Dr. Sagan, for it demonstrates that he was as great a human being as he was a scientist.

Since I first saw the movie, "Contact" back in high school, I knew that Dr. Sagan was my type of person. His work has touched me, and inspired me, and enriched my life experience in a way that I cannot even describe with words. Surely, without his life and his legacy, many of us would be lost.

Warmest Regards,
Reinaldo Vega

TraktoR 6666

Since I was a little kid, I'm always questioning the concept of God. Religions taught me concepts, that i never understood. Not because I was stupid enough or not quite a pious person, but the concepts themselves have many contradictions. I myself had been very respectful for the cosmic ideas and the universe, and gradually i realized that i'm a pantheist. My pantheism got boosted more and more since i read things like Carl Sagan's stuff. movie 'Contact' was a final touch of my pantheism in bloom. Now I found the concept of life that I really believe, the concept of God. The Universe is my God. Thank you, Carl Sagan.

Andre Prabowo
aka "TraktoR 6666"

Omar Naziry

Dear Ann,

Carl was the greatest man living in our time. Because of him as well as you I became inspired by the cosmos, I am now an undergrad student for astronomy as well as space studies, and I cannot put into words how I feel about the loss of your husband for me he lives on forever. He was the definition of greatness, an angel of knowledge sent from the heavens to bring us closer to the cosmos!

Thank you Dr. Sagan, you will be in my heart forever!

Omar Naziry

Michael Fomkin

I just wanted to say my love of science and so many moments of discovery have come from my memories of Carl Sagan as I was growing up and learning from all he had to offer.


Carl Sagan was the best teacher I have ever seen and his classroom was the world. So many people he never met and maybe never knew about appreciated his presence in the world so much because he was everything a human being should be. And as he said, he made us feel, "We are a promising species." When I watch Cosmos, which I do whenever the world seems to want for inspiration, I'm still struck by the intelligence, joy, passion and decency of the man. And what a wonderful teacher he was. We miss his voice. Together, you and he accomplished great things and it is good to see that you are still doing so. I look forward to reading "A Personal View of the Search for God" because he was a good teacher for all things. We love you and we love and miss Carl.

Neil Ruedlinger

Dear Ann,

I remember when COSMOS came on Australian TV back in 1981. I was a 20 year old who felt a failure. And even now that I am a bit older and wiser I do not feel right calling him Carl, the immense respect, admiration and hero worship I feel for him makes me want to call him Dr. Carl Sagan because he inspired me to raise myself out of the hole that was my life, and I struggled to eventually graduate from UTS with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

His influence over my life has been so strong that I will do my best never to work for the military. Instead I want to devote my professional life to civilian research and development.

I am continuing to work on my undergraduate Biomedical research project on my own time and paying for it out of my own pocket, with the support of my thesis supervisor, to promote life and health.

When Dr. Carl Sagan's light was extinguished on December 20, 1996 even though I never met him, I felt empty and a great sense of loss. As if a great mentor had suddenly been taken away from me. My attitude changed and for a long time I brooded and became glum and somber.

I eventually met a wonderful lady who inspired new hope in me, and we have been married five joyful years. I can now fully relate and empathise with your loss. I am sorry that he is no longer with us.

I am so grateful for your work in re-releasing COSMOS on DVD. The first time it was released on video tape, by the time I was able to afford it I could not find it anymore. When it was out on DVD, I asked my wife to buy it for me as a Birthday and Christmas gift. I now cherish it, like a gem that I once thought was lost and was found again.

I have read most of Dr. Sagan's books and was thrilled with his Sci-Fi novel and movie Contact. I wish he'd had the chance to write further stories.

I feel that Dr. Carl Sagan's work will be remembered and treasured long after I am gone and forgotten. Like Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Carl Sagan offers the world a sane way out of its predicament. The only question I feel is worth asking: are we as a species intelligent enough to heed their warnings, and learn from their example?

When I read on the Internet about my fellow Engineers wanting to develop robot soldiers, I shake my head and feel glum and somber again, as I recall what he wrote in one of his books on how a scientist can be corrupted by the Society they live in; I believe that applies to Engineers as well.

Thank you and Best Regards,


Sorry for my bad english. I would like to say thank you. I am just a reader of the lovely "stories" that Carl Sagan and you, Anne, have wroten.I am a Portuguese woman that sails around the universe with other eyes and "sight" after read you. One of my favorit books is "The Demon-Haunted World". I learn a lot, and understand much more this world we live on. I whish you, sincerely a "world empty of deamons and full of light". Thank you both, for existing. Thank you to make him live forever, for us, his readers. Best Regards. Margarida

Rina Tripathi

Carl Sagan was an inspiration that never left me since my childhood. His cosmos still sails in my mind space!


Anne, thank you for such memories, I can honestly say that they moved me to tears.
I first encountered Carl on a TV series in the seventies, then of course came Cosmos and my reading of his many books.
Though I never met him he had a profound impact on my life and I still find it hard to believe he is gone.

Sia Meshkat

Dear Ann

Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments. I was equally moved by your introduction to “The Varieties of Scientific Experience” and your recent interviews about the book. On behalf of all of us who admire the immortal Carl Sagan, please accept our gratitude – he could not have asked for a better ambassador.

Sia Meshkat

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