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December 19, 2006


John L

I remember watching Cosmos with my dirty fucking hippy friends. We would meet at a friend's place every week to watch the show. Afterwards, we would talk about it. Sometimes the show would make me feel sad, or empty and insignificant, but always it would fill me with the wonder of the creation that surrounded me. His common sense explanations of the science involved have stayed with me.

I think that my approach to explaining medical things to my patients is founded, to some extent, in my memories of Sagan. He gave me a model for communication that I have tried to follow. Until reading this link, I wasn't aware of where I had gotten the method. Odd how things will suddenly become clear to you.

I would love to sit once again with friends, and watch that series. Why do I hear Bob Dylan?


Dr. Carl muchas gracias por las enseñanzas que nos dejo solo soy un apasionado de su programa Cosmos, el cuál me cambio mi vida Gracias se que esta ayá en El Cosmos

Rodrigo Lisboa

Cuando tengo un dia dificil o no puedo dormir, me gusta imaginarme viajando por el cosmos.
en esa aventura reencuentro paz y esperanza.

Gracias Carl.

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff

Thank you, Ann, for sharing these. What precious glimpses you've given into Carl Sagan, the man you so happily shared your life with.

Though I was not lucky enough to know him, he influenced me profoundly from the time I was just a child and first saw COSMOS. From there, I read everything by him -- and you :) -- that I could get my hands on.

I wrote a tribute to your precious husband on my blog, but here I want to offer you my heartfelt thanks, not only for everything you and Carl have done to make this pale blue dot we share a better, more reasonable place, but also for the beauty and wonder and appreciation for science you've helped to foster, not only in me but in countless millions.



Carl and my wife, Nancy, were classmates at the Hutch in 1995. We were touched when Carl, during his walk around, stopped at her room to offer his smile and congratulations as we celebrated our anniversary. His kind gesture speaks volumes of his life. I wish you well. Dennis

Geoff Holland

I grew to know Carl Sagan well through his splendid writing. I met him once before one of his many appearances on The Tonight Show. His engaging smile and warm spirit were so impressive on that ocassion. He was a brilliant scientist but, I think, an even more impressive human being. Thank you Ann for carrying on and working to nurture his legacy of inspiration and knowledge.


That was absolutely beautiful Ann, thank you for sharing these snapshots to our memories of him.

Andre Gorelkin

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for sharing such personal memories of Carl with us. If I may, I'd like to share one of my experiences of him with you.

As a small boy, I recall sitting on my father's lap and watching Cosmos. I will never forget the episode in which Carl explains the theory of evolution. I had some knowledge of it beforehand, but I still found the process puzzling. But watching Carl explain this complex theory in such a patient manner, something in my brain clicked and I got it. One can tell that Carl must have taken great pains to prepare the episode in an effort to reach as many confused people as he could. I am so grateful for his efforts and the world of knowledge he opened up for me as a result.

I possess the complete series of Cosmos and enjoy watching them with my son, Jordan, on my lap. At two years old, he hasn't quite gotten it all yet. But I eagerly await that day when, while sitting together and watching Carl tell the story of the Japanese crabs, Jordan will look up at me with that same expression of awe as I shared with my father.


Dear Ann,

this is a story a lot of different versions have been expressed by a lot of people since Cosmos. I watched Cosmos at the age of 9, when it was broadcasted in Germany in 1983. Although at this age I did not understand everything, it thrilled me. The things I learned improved my marks in school, at least in the scientific courses. Later I chose a scientific study. Although it was not astronomy (but material science), I trace back my interest in science on the impact of this great TV series on me. So I am also one of those, whose life have been influenced by Carl Sagan significantly. Thanks for that Carl!

Emilio Ortiz Guinand

Dear Ann,

Thank you for sharing these loving memories of him.
Every single day, when I see and learn about the recent and marvelous discoveries in Saturn, Mars, our Galaxy, I remember Carl. But when I see our world, the war, ethnocentrism, fundamentalism, destruction, I remember Carl too, with his rational and human vision and his warnings about our future. I have no doubts that the world would be much better with Carl present.

Querida Ann:

Gracias por compartir esos hermosos recuerdos con nosotros.
Cada día, cuando veo los nuevos descubrimientos en Saturno, en Marte o nuestra Galaxia, recuerdo a Carl. Pero también lo recuerdo cuando veo el estado de nuestro mundo: la guerra, el etnocentrismo, el fundamentalismo, la destrucción. Le recuerdo con su visión racional y humana y sus advertencias acerca de nuestro futuro. No tengo dudas de que el mundo sería un mejor lugar con Carl.


I just flat liked listening to him. He was simply one in a million. Just think of what he has learned in these last ten years. I'm sure his journey continues.


I can only thank Carl for teaching me to look for the answers to "why not?" and What if?" Any thing may be possible,
even love and peace. What a great message for the season.


Dear Ann,
your story is so wonderful, I sit here crying.


Carl is Still my favorite teacher , Thank you ...


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories. I can't imagine how much you miss him. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family celebrating the life you have and the life you shared with that remarkable man. BTW, I have a 17 month old child who is determined to read ASAP, just like _Contact_'s protagonist. I've been reading her bits from that and just happened to finish on the anniversary of his death, unaware of it. A circle closed and begun indeed.

Chuck Melious

Just want to take this opportunity to thank God for this man that was sent to this small planet in the solar system that we call earth. I will always remember his "being young and always being endowed with the greatest excitement,enthusiasm, and emotional involvement with life.

Larr K. Bay

Deaar Ann, The day Carl died, I felt I lost my closest friend. I learned so much from watching his Cosmos series. I hope you are comforted in knowing there are millions who are remembering him today and everyday. Peace be with you.

Larry K. Bay

Corrected name


It's strange and wondrous, isn't it? How one voice can stir the hearts and minds of so many other single souls... how that voice can reach across time and space and generations.

Like so many others, I did not know Carl personally. And yet, since my childhood his work and vision continue to inspire me to wonderment and to a sense of stewardship.

Ann, you are in my thoughts. How blessed you were to have sojourned with your soulmate. How blessed we all were to be touched by his wisdom, his courage, and humanity.

Jorge A. Vázquez

I am Spanish, so I am not able to explain all the feelings I would like to... Really, Sagan made me dream not of flying to the planets (I was doing it yet), but dreaming of a peaceful Earth and think of Science as a tool for fighting against war an other human dissorders. The other thing that Sagan made to me was to fill me with a great desire of making everybody to love Astronomy. Those things happened when I was 8 or 9 and I watched Cosmos on TV for the first time. Now I am 34 and I work as an Astronomer in a portable Planetarium, as I travel accross my whole country, teaching Astronomy to children, girls, boys, women and men.
Thank you, Carl Sagan, for making me as I am.
See you? Who knows...

Phil Galbraith

Sadly the world needs Carl Sagan now , more than ever. I started to question the ideas of mystycism and religion when i was six. I discovered Science through the love of Astronomy. Every day i tell people how the Universe really is, as far the scientific method has so far revealed. I seem to always quote something Carl or Richard Feynman has said. It is a hard slog against 2000 yrs of indoctrination, but i am positive that my, yours and Carls dreams for Humanity will come to pass. My children deserve a better do all children. Thankyou for keeping Carls thoughts alive.

Javier Hernandez de Miguel

Thank you,Ann. As I watched the Cosmos series on DVD this year, after so many years, my love for science, for the exploration of our solar system and for the future of mankind among the stars, came to life again. I studied Physics because of Carl Sagan and COSMOS. However, I grew disappointed with the reality of science at least in Spain, where I live, since 1992 and my life took another path. Now, after watching Cosmos again with new and mature eyes and reading "Billions and Billions" I decided to become a member of the Planetary Society and my interest in science (though I teach german and spanish in a school now) reappeared. I thank you and Carl for enlighting my life again ten years after Carl's passing.
Ann, keep your motivation and spirit high! The world needs Carl, but also needs YOU and as many sources of LIGHT as it is possible in this confused and troubled world.


Sara Dixon

Dearest Ann,
What a special woman you are. You bring Carl back to life. He was my first true 13, watching Cosmos the first time it aired. He has always been my hero. He taught me so much and made me ask questions that I would never have dared to ask. He opened my eyes and my mind and gave me a love for physics, the stars and a thirst for knowledge of how things work that I would have been hardpressed to develop on my own. I cried when I read he died and now again reading your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing these memories, these wonderful pictures of his and your life.


Your post moved me to tears, just as the news of Carl's death did. I used to watch the teleserial "Cosmos" with a lot of interest. I fell in love with Astronomy then. I have dreamt of travelling in a space craft and perhaps travelling in time. He is so much a part of my childhood. Thank you so much for starting this blog. I will be reading it regurlaly.

Beth Rogers

The anniversary is always so hard. This year was especially hard for me, as I lost my dad, Larry. He was the smartest person I have ever met. He loved carl sagan. We watched the cosmos together, over and over, for years as I grew up. We quoted him always. We deeply mourned his untimely passing. It is now with mixed emotions that I watch the cosmos alone, without my dad.
Carl Sagan, like my dad Larry, had every gift, but length of years. I wish you peace as you get through this difficult time and the holiday season to come.
Beth R.

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